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Turley Law

Turley Law, serving Connecticut and New York, offers expertise in:

Business Associations

Corporate Transactional

Criminal Investigations

Real Estate Transactions.

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What Turley Law does

Turley Law excels in negotiating transactions, agreements, and compliance. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business, navigate complicated agreements, or establish a new company, our team is here to help. We specialize in secured transactions, blue sky laws, sales, and general business formation.

Who Turley Law Is

Turley Law is a boutique firm that engages clients with their personal and private issues. The firm offers unique solutions to your situation, and understands the sensitive nature of court.

Where is the Office

The firm’s office is located in Madison Connecticut, just two blocks from the train station. We provide legal representation in Connecticut and New York.

Turley Law PLLC

Get the expertise and insight you need for your business solutions with Turley Law. Our innovative approach combines traditional legal research and case law with cutting-edge technology and resources. As a boutique firm, we offer personalized service at an affordable price, delivering the best of both worlds.

Our Firm solves problems with innovative solutions.

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Turley Law is located in Madison, Connecticut.

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